The Canon EOS 5DmkIV is here – my Hands on Test as well ;-)

Dear fellow Photographers, i´m sorry. I´ve been lying to you for weeks and months now. And i really feel reliefed, now that i can finally tell you the truth: Yes, i´ve been one of only 5 people that have already been working with the Canon EOS 5DmkIV already this summer. And i might be the only one who was crazy enough to shoot film & stills at a time.


Shootcamp Headquarter by HFA Studio

We are really proud of our new wall in the Shootcamp Headquarter. The guys of HFA Studio put in a lot of effort, love and details. It was a pleasure for us to work with these guys and watch them do what they love most. Very inspiring and motivating. There´s a reason HFA means “High functional addicts” ;) We also shot this Behind The Scenes Video, so you can also enjoy what they did:


7DmkII meets Red Bull Skydiveteam

The Canon EOS 7DmkII will be delivered in November. I had a pre-production sample for some days and wanted to find out, how good the autofocus really works in video mode and really put the camera through its paces.


Meet me at Photokina 2014 with Canon

In the world of photography, there is no bigger event than the Photokina in Cologne. It´s the Championsleague, or maybe more like the  Olympic games of photography, as it only happens every second year.



(The Behind the Scenes Video above is German, sorry guys)
High Speed Syncing with Strobes at shutterspeeds lower than 1/250 of a second have always been available on small Flashes. But not too much power. Or you use the quite expencive new Strobes for about 4000,- Euro. With battery pack and cable attatched. What is missing so far, is a portable strobe with internal battery pack, no cables, high speed syncing and low price.


152 Portraits in 2 Days

On the weekend 16. & 17.11.2013 the “Photo & Adventure” trade fair took place in vienna, and i was lucky enough to shoot portraits for Canon Austria there.


My favourite 8 iPhone Photography Apps

I had the pleasure, to write a guest contribution for my friends at (sorry, german blog) about how to get better photos withouth too much technical stuff. and how to use your eye instead to get better pictures. I mentioned some iPhone Apps in photo descriptions as well.


Home from Above

Some impressions from the place i call Home, from above. Shot with the DJI Phantom Quadcopter, Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal and a GoPro 3+


5 things under €20,- that should be in your bag from the beginning

Despite your camera, your lens(es), batteries and memory cards, there are a few things you might want to have in your bag from the very beginning of your photography carreer, whether you´re an amateur or aspiring professional. Some of them only cost a few Cents or Euros, but can make your life much more easy and photography more fun in the field.


Best way to store your backdrops

If you got your own studio, you might know this problem. Where and how to store you seamless paper rolls properly.


DSLR Basics Workshop

A little Making Of “DSLR Basics Workshop” – 06.07.2013 in Vienna.

Thanks a lot for your help;

Sarah – Visa & Styling
Susanne – Model
Walter – Catering
Hundse – Beeing sweet


Darren Pearsons Lightpaintings

Lightpainting is a very nice tool to play with. A basically quite simple technique. Put your camera on a tripod by night, set your exposure to loooong (as long as you think you need for your painting to be done), press the button, step in front of your camera and start to paint in your picture.



Busy isn’t success. It’s a lack of priority.

This is not only for self employed, but a lot of us in the creative industries are. Self employment definitely has its advantages, especially if you´re in the creative industry and lucky enough to do what you love most and get paid for it. The dangerous part: You easily get lost, finding yourself in a reactive state, answering every email that pops up on your iPhone, your head full of work and to do lists.


Canon G15 Portraits

How much can you get out of a Compact Camera when it comes to Portrait Photography? I already did this test with my Canon G1x, now Canon Europe asked me to give it a try with the new Powershot G15. Again, i don´t intend to do a technical review about the G15, there are lot´s of great, detailled reviews out there. My main focus:


From Studio to Billboard

Always good to see your work printed biiig. We had to shoot this one in a very short timeframe, so the Studio was set up in the livingroom for the EOS 100D on a girls hand.