My favourite 8 iPhone Photography Apps


My favourite 8 iPhone Photography Apps

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I had the pleasure, to write a guest contribution for my friends at (sorry, german blog) about how to get better photos withouth too much technical stuff. and how to use your eye instead to get better pictures. I mentioned some iPhone Apps in photo descriptions as well. I received some emails from readers of this blog, asking me for more iPhone photography apps. To be honest, i was convinced that if there is one thing, the world wouln´t need again, it would be another blog post about iPhone photography apps. On the other hand, there are SO many apps out there, why not give a short overview what my favourite and most used apps are. So here we go.



Before you want editing apps, you might want to improve your iPhone camera. This is the better version of the standard camera app on the iPhone. Brings up some very nice features like rapid fire, different grids, white balance, histogram, anti-shake, self timer just to mention a few. Simply gives you more control over your iPhone camera.

APPSTORE (€ 0,89)



Since facebook bought instagram, i guess everyone knows it now, right? It also was a great app before. Nice filters, takes pictures only 1×1 which is an interesting limitation i think. The only “not so good thing” about it – you can´t just save a photo, you always have to upload it, then it is also saved in your libary. But, i guess that´s why they called it instagram ;-)


iPhone 4 + Instagram



One of my top favourites. This app gives you filters that look like old film. A lot of them! And you can finetune the stlye for every photo. Addictive app, very clean design, easy to use but endless possibilities. I really love this one. If you are Lightroom User, you might also check out there website at visual supply. They offer real film filters for lightroom and trust me, these are worth the price. The only easy way to emulate old film the way it really should look. The other way is doing it yourself and loosing hours. Many hours, trust me, i did it before vsco appeared ;-)


VSCO_PanoiPhone 5 Panorama + VSCO Cam


iPhone 5 + VSCO Cam


This one offers very nice filter effects, too. And what is really nice about PICFX ist that you can add layer desired effects and mix up different filters on one picture. Really addictive, be careful not to edit one picture forever and forget to eat :-)

APPSTORE (€ 1,79)

iPhone 5 + PicFX + PicFrame + Overgram


My favourite app for textures. Snapseed offers a lot of prebuildt filters with a huge choice of different textures, retrolux, frames, center focus grunge, hdr scape, drama … This one offers a lot of possibilities. My favourite thing to do with it is to play around with textures on my iPhone pictures. Try to use them carefully and not overdo it. But… you will anyway ;-)


iPhone 5 + Snapseed



In case you want to add several pictures to one picture, divided by white, black or colored lines, this is your app. select your aspect ratio, how many frames you want in one picture, place your photos, that´s it. Easy yet powerful, love it.

APPSTORE (€0,89)

iPhone 5 + VSCO Cam + PicFrame



In case you want to put some text on your photos, this is a very nice way to do it. Beautiful fonts (and even more if you are willing to pay) and a lot of settings like character and line spacing, tint, opacity, …


Mirrorless Camera + Wifi SD Card + iPhone +Overgram



I love to have a light meter with me, without carrying a bulky and expencive peace of gear with me all the time. I highly recommend to use iPhone lightmeters only with a diffusor like “Luxi”, which really turns your iPhone into a light meter. Without the diffusor, the camera can´t really read the light around you too good. I´ll bring up a Luxi test soon.



Of course this is by far not all the appstore has to offer, just my favourites i´m using daily. What about your apps, be nice and share your favourites in the comments!



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