Lightroom Preset Series

Lightroom Preset Series

As i hear more and more questions about post processing, colors, and how to do it in Lightroom – which by the way is a fantastic, powerful tool – i decided to bring up my own Lightroom-Preset-Post. I will update this set from time to time and bring up new styles from my libary to make this collection grow.

Please make sure you really understand what a preset does befor you download it.

I already had people asking me for Lightroom settings on a specific picture, and after i sent the preset (which i do from time to time) i got answers like “this looks totally shitty on my picture”. Well, if you´re just starting with Lightroom or photo editing itself – of course a preset can´t to a great job on every picture. Some will, some won´t, some will have to be corrected. But what a preset can do for you is give you an idea of how others made it and let you find your own settings. And of course you should use these presets on RAW photos, not on .jpg! So, now that you don´t expect this startup-set of 3 LR Presets to make all of your photolibary beautiful, go download it and have fun ;-)

Download LR Presets Vol.1

This is what you get in this first .zip-file:




twinpeaks copy


Dark BW Portrait

Warm BW

18 Responses to “Lightroom Preset Series”

  1. Carlos Garcia

    Wow… This is amazing. I didn’t know you could load presets. Thank you so much for sharing. I love them.

  2. AprilSalter

    Thank You! It is VERY COOL that you have shared these! <3