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Our team gets lots of emails, notes and requests every day.

And yes, my team members and I DO read every single email. But we have to set priorities and it might take some time until your message is answered.

Below are the different ways to get in contact with me and my team.

I get so many “can you answer a few questions...” type requests that I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if I went through and responded to them all. Thank you for being understanding!

I do my best to share my insight and the things I’ve learned on my blog and in my Facebook Group (German only)

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For general messages, booking etc. please use the "General" Button on the right side.

Für Supportanfragen zu meinen Onlineprodukten, Shootcamp und Workshops, wende dich bitte an das Shootcamp Team unter

Supportanfragen werden üblicherweise innerhalb von 24 Stunden bearbeitet. An Wochenenden und in Ausnahmefällen kann die Antwort auch geringfügig länger dauern.