I love talking to and taking pictures of people

"Christian manages to explain the most complex processes in photography in such a simple and understandable way that you can actually walk out the door and try it out for yourself. That's why we booked him for our stages at Photokina and other occasions."" 

(Canon Europe)

It´s  pretty simple: I like  people. I like talking to them, listening to them and photographing people. Maybe because I find life more interesting if I get to know many people, opinions, opinions and thus life models. Maybe because people are the main reason for everything that makes up our lives. Pleasant and unpleasant feelings, they mostly have to do with other people.

Establishing a connection is for me the most important part of my work, whether in gastronomy, where I started, in building construction (yes, I have planned houses which are still standing today) for 14 years as a radio presenter or in photography, without this connection to humans my job never had any meaning.

If you like people you sooner or later come to the point where you want to pass on your experiences and what you have learned, which is why I have also committed myself to coaching and mentoring other photographers.

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