40×6 superwide XXL

I never expected to do pictures that would be presented on a 40 x 6 meter (131 x 20 ft) superwidescreen. Last week i did. 50 pictures inside the biggest radiostation in austria (the word biggest has a new meaning now) were presented at the so called “radionight”, an event for radiofreaks and advertising people to meet, shake hands, and let each other know how wonderful they are (as we need each other). (why we? besides i got a little show at the radiostation i did these pictures for).

How did i do that?
It´s quite easy to do, but a lot of work. I used my Canon 5DmkII, but even the 21,5 mpx were too small. So i had to take 3-10 pictures for every photo (depending on how much of the scene i wanted to catch), using the wonderful 14mm/2.8 L from Canon. Then i put them together using autopano pro. Great software, if you figured out how to use it 😉 Thank god there are several tutorial videos on their website, otherwise i think i still would sit here, trying to build 50(!) superwidescreen pictures for an event that already took place…

And was it impressive?
To be honest, i got no idea … Me idiot was 5 minutes late. “Hey, there you are, they turned off your pictures 5 minutes ago, it really looked greaaat!”. Ok, so let´s trust them radiofreaks and advertising people (both of us have one thing in common – we NEVER lie!) and let´s say it was great 😉 Thanks a lot to media12 by the way, they sent some pictures to have at least a little impression. And they were also the ones doing all the technical stuff that evening. So if you ever should need it thaat big, contact them 😉