The Good Dolly

Words you can find everywhere on the internet: DSLR cameras changed the way we shoot (and similar descriptions). It also changed the needs of course. What if you want to do some smooth and easy slider/dolly shots. You can choose between small sliders, or good old big fat dollys. What was missing for a long time is a slider/dolly solution perfectly fitting the size of DSLRs. The Good Dolly is a great tool for DSLR as it is not too heavy and big, you don´t need a lot of time (and people) for transport and setup, but it´s big and heavy enough to do really smooth dolly shots. Some first test shots:

And here comes the best thing about it. Not only is it a great slider, it´s also a fantastic table dolly. You can use it on the floor or on a table and set up the curve radius with a laserpointer. Here´s a short clip out of camera (no editing) i did for health center.

Keep an eye at www.thegooddolly.com, it should be ready for sale quite soon!

  • you can have it, just not without me 😉

  • Roman sagt:

    sweet!!! but I want that helicopter 😉

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