Canon Cinema EOS C300

I am lucky enough to have the C300 in my hands for some days. First met this fantastic camera in Berlin when it was presented in Europe. Now i finally got the chance to do some shots. As long as we are on the road with that fantastic baby here are some screengrabs in high res, so you can at least see what comes out of the C300. These were shot on a dogwalk, very low light but as you can see, the pictures are incredibly flat and detailled. As soon as i bring it back next week i will also post some raw footage out of camera, in case you need some stuff to try out color corrections on your own. (Note that the last picture (bottom left) is shot at 12.800 ISO. In high res this looks more like film grain, not what we know from high ISO.)

Download the screen grabs in HIGH RES (3MB)